Eye Wrinkle Treatment

The skin around eyes is highly sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Several factors such as sun exposure, improper diet etc contribute to its development. Therefore, eye wrinkle treatment is necessary. Various treatment procedures such as botox injections, anti wrinkle cream and laser techniques are available.

Different Types of Eye Wrinkle Treatment Procedures

  • One of the best to way to eliminate eye wrinkles is by use of a anti wrinkle cream. Choose a cream that contains acetyl hexapeptide 3 in it. It is non toxic and decreases fine lines and wrinkles. A good quality cream is recommended and it should not cause side effects. Application of a anti wrinkle cream reduces wrinkles and makes one to look younger. It is better to seek doctor’s advice before choosing a anti wrinkle cream.
  • Another approach to reduce wrinkles around eyes is by use of a laser technique. This treatment procedure enhances elastin and collagen production by formation of wounds on the skin. It is targeted to specific regions on the skin. Healing is quicker as larger areas are not targeted.
  • Contraction of face muscles is the reason for development of eye wrinkles. Other factors such as smiling and certain expressions contribute to development of wrinkles around eyes. However, use of botox injections can help to eliminate wrinkles by preventing facial muscle contraction. This treatment procedure is temporary and there is a need to take regular doses of it.
  • Collagen injections are also effective for lowering eye wrinkles. In this treatment, collagen a substance vital for skin’s elasticity is injected into the skin around eyes.
  • Use of cosmetics can lower the appearance of wrinkles. Make up in the eye region should be less. If done excessively it will show wrinkles more prominently.
  • Best way to avoid eye wrinkles is by preventing their formation. Over exposure to sun, toxins and smoking are some of the factors that contribute to wrinkle development. So, One should avoid all these. Do not rub excessively on the eye region and pulling of skin under eyes should be avoided.

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