Get rid of Hand Wrinkles

Hand wrinkles often indicate age of a person. Several factors such as sun exposure, chemical exposure and lack of nutrition are some of the factors that cause its development. However, following simple tips can help to offset these wrinkles.

Causes of Hand Wrinkles

Aging is one of the primary factor that causes wrinkles. As age progresses, elastin and collagen in the skin diminishes. As they are diminished, skin looses its elasticity and ability to repair. Other factors such as sun exposure, improper diet, lack of water and exercises also play a role in wrinkle development.

How to Avoid Hand Wrinkles

  • Application of a hand cream can help to reduce wrinkles. Use of these creams helps to maintain the skin moistened and smooth.
  • Application of a sunscreen lotion when you are out in the sun is vital. Sunscreens protect from harmful UV rays that damages the skin.
  • Exercises help in skin tightening and maintenance of muscle tone. You can apply a moisturizer on hands, neck and face before exercising. Try to drink water while exercising, to compensate for water loss.
  • Chemicals present in soaps and detergents cause dry hands that eventually leads to wrinkles. So, it is better to wear gloves while washing, to prevent from harmful effects.
  • Balanced diet is vital for healthy skin. Include nutrition rich foods to enhance natural beauty and to delay aging process. Include vitamins K, A, B, C and E in your diet.
  • Chemical peels also work for wrinkles. Application of these peels aids in the removal of outer dead skin layer and enhances the growth of young skin cells.
  • Water is vital for healthy skin. Drinking plenty of water helps in maintenance of hydrated skin and makes the skin supple.
  • If the above mentioned remedies do not work, then one can opt for cosmetic surgery. In this method sand blaster is used in order to remove crumbled skin and then it is polished. Polishing ensures younger skin tone.

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