Lip Wrinkles

Lip wrinkles are creases that develop on the lips and are unattractive. Development of these wrinkles causes the mouth to look smaller or sagging. Several treatment procedures are available. This article talks about the causes and the ways to avoid these wrinkles.

Causes of Lip Wrinkles

Aging is one of the primary factor that develops wrinkles. Lip region is very delicate and looses collagen faster. Waxing and threading makes the skin loose and causes the appearance of wrinkles on lips. Genetic factors, sun exposure and smoking are some of the other factors that lead to wrinkles.

How to Overcome Lip Wrinkles

  • Always use a lip balm to hydrate your skin. Dryness is the major factor that leads to wrinkles. So, keeping the lips moisturized helps to reduce their occurrence.
  • Regular ex-foliation should be done to remove the dead layers of the skin. Ex-foliation helps to make skin soft and beautiful. Ex-foliation procedure is carried out by use of a paste that is made of olive oil and sugar. This paste is applied on the skin and rubbed in circular motions. This paste is then washed off and lip balm is applied immediately.
  • Avoid threading or waxing, as it pulls upper lip skin a lot. It is better to opt for laser treatment as it ensures permanent hair removal.
  • Use of retinol based cream also helps to reduce wrinkles. These creams should be used before going to bed or in the morning. Lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids are also vital. These acids are made naturally from fruit, milk and sugarcane. These acids enhance the production of collagen that is vital for skin.
  • Application of vitamin E oil also helps to reduce wrinkles. Application of this oil smoothens the lips. olive oil or Coconut oil also works for wrinkles by enhancing their appearance and maintenance of moisture.
  • Treatment procedures such as botox injections, collagen injections, laser treatment and cosmetic surgery also work for wrinkles.
  • Take plenty of water as it keeps the skin hydrated.
  • Use of a lip balm with sunscreen also helps.
  • Avoid smoking.

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