Lip Wrinkles from Smoking

Several factors such as sun exposure, smoking and lack of nutrition play a role in the development of lip wrinkles. The most important factor is smoking. Smoking causes the release of free radicals that damage the skin protein collagen and promotes aging.

Lip Wrinkles- Smoking

  • Smoking causes the development of premature wrinkles. Facial wrinkles mostly occur due to smoking.
  • Cigarette smoking causes the release of free radicals. The free radicals so released cause the development of ugly creases on the skin. Nicotine present in it poses damaging effects on the skin. When we smoke our lips come into play and all expressions that we make while smoking leave ugly marks on the skin.
  • It alters chemical composition of the body and prevents vitamins C and A entry into the body. Each time you smoke you take in loads of free radicals into your system. These free radicals damages the most vital skin protein collagen.
  • Nicotine component of cigarette causes dehydration and makes the skin dull. Facial muscles are affected due to puffing of cigarettes from years. Lips tend to develop feathers at corners during exhalation and inhalation.
  • A person who is aged 30 and is a smoker is more likely to develop wrinkles similar to a person who is aged 50. This shows how smoking boosts aging process.
  • The best way to avoid premature aging, lip wrinkles and facial wrinkles is to quit smoking. It is very difficult to quit smoking at a time. So, better do it gradually. But the most vital thing is to quit smoking.
  • You can opt for electronic cigarette. Use of this cigarettes cuts down the effects caused by carcinogens tar and tobacco. However, wrinkles occur due to continuous action of mouth muscles.

Lip wrinkles most commonly occur due to smoking. So, it is better to quit smoking to prevent its damaging effects.

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  1. I never had wrinkles of any kind

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