Collagen Creams for Wrinkle Treatment

Most people use collagen creams for wrinkle reduction and maintenance of younger looking skin. Different creams that contain collagen include anti aging cream, anti wrinkle cream and night cream. However, use of these creams may not cause complete healing as collagen molecule is large and its absorption into the skin is difficult.

Collagen Creams

  • Collagen is a fibrous protein present in tissues of ligaments and cartilage. It maintains elasticity and makes the skin look supple. It is effective for fighting against aging and helps in maintaining younger looking skin. Collagen is found naturally in the body, but unhealthy lifestyle and pollution causes damage to collagen and promotes its breakdown. Therefore, one needs to take plenty of vegetables, berries, fruits and nuts to boost collagen production in the body.
  • Collagen being a very large molecule does not have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin. It remains on the surface of the skin and is washed away easily. It is one of the disadvantage that is caused by use of a traditional collagen cream. However, it may be effective as a skin moisturizer and helps in skin hydration.
  • Now a days, several techniques are followed to produce newer varieties of collagen creams. Collagen is broken down into small fragments to ensure easy penetration into the skin. However, there is doubt whether these particles get integrated into the skin.
  • The most commonly found component in these creams is keratin, a peptide protein that is important for building collagen. Other constituents in these cream includes hydrolyzed elastin, water, lecithin, mineral oil, seed extract of vitis vinifera etc.
  • Anti wrinkle creams also contain collagen in it. These creams prevent damage caused by sun exposure. They contain retinol, copper peptides and hydroxy acids. All these components work for wrinkle reduction.

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