How to Fight Wrinkles Around Eyes

Eye region is highly sensitive and prone to wrinkles. However, it can be avoided by following simple tips. This articles tries to explain about a few ways by which one can avoid wrinkles around eyes.

Wrinkles Around Eyes- How to Avoid them

  • Eye creams work best for removing wrinkles that occur in the eye region. These creams play a vital role in replenishing collagen, an important component for skin.
  • Another way to prevent wrinkles is by wearing sunglasses. Sun exposure is the major cause for developing wrinkles. Persons when exposed to sunlight tend to squint more and as result develop wrinkles. As eye region is highly sensitive, premature wrinkles easily occur due to over exposure.
  • Another way to fight against wrinkles is by avoiding smoking, caffeine and alcohol.
  • Collagen fillers also work effectively for wrinkle reduction. These work by regenerating collagen and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Botox injections can effectively remove wrinkles occurring in the eye region. It plays a role in inhibiting muscle function. As there is no movement in the muscles of the eye region fine lines do not develop. These injections should be taken by a well trained medical professional to minimize side effects.
  • Anti aging creams helps to diminish wrinkles that occur in the eye region. These creams should contain important constituents such as vitamin A, co enzyme Q10 and alpha hydroxy acids. All of these constituents are vital for regeneration new skin cells and collagen. They also promote skin tightening and area around eyes is smoothened.
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures such as eye lifts work for wrinkles around eyes. This treatment helps in skin tightening and elimination of wrinkles. It is often associated with risks such as nerve damage. It is needed to be performed by a well experienced medical professional.
  • Natural treatment also work for reducing wrinkles. Avocado and mashed banana when applied under eyes helps in hydration and tightening of skin. Green tea when placed under eyes helps to eliminate wrinkles. It contains polyphenols that help to reduce eye puffiness. Drink plenty of water to maintain a well hydrated skin.

Eye region is highly sensitive and is needed to be treated with great care. Discuss treatment options with medical professional and then opt for the best one.

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