Firming Face Cream for Wrinkles

Firming face cream is effective for wrinkle removal. It works effectively if it contains all the necessary ingredients in it. It promotes the production of elastin and collagen in the body. Important ingredients in this cream include cynergy TK, co enzyme Q10, grape seed extract and Phytessence wakame.

Functions of a Firming Face Cream

  • It plays a vital role in the production of elastin and collagen. It contains cynergy TK that is important for producing high levels of collagen and elastin. These two are important elements for toned and firm skin. It helps in regeneration of healthy skin. It plays an important role in replacing dead skin cells with newer ones.
  • As age progresses, body looses its ability to regenerate and therefore there is a need for hyaluronic acid to speed up the process. Use of this cream works to enhance this process.
  • It provides the necessary antioxidants for the skin. They are important for preventing free radical damage.
  • It helps in the hydration of your skin.You can retain up to 25 percent of moisture on your skin. It prevents excessive drying of the skin.

What to look for in a Firming Face Cream

The most important ingredients in this cream includes:

  • Cynergy TK:

    It is one of the vital constituent that increases the elasticity of skin by 42%. It reduces wrinkles by enhancing growth of elastin, collagen and new skin cells. It provides a radiant, firmer and young skin.

  • Phytessence wakame:

    It is a youth preserving agent. It is prepared from extract of wakame kelp. It increases elasticity and heals dry and damaged skin.

  • Co enzyme Q10

    : It is important for healthy skin. It increases elastin and collagen production. It has an ability to penetrate deep into the skin. It provides antioxidants that are effective against free radicals and protects from sun’s rays.

  • It contains vitamin E and grape seed oil in it. These ingredients are considered as effective and safest elements.
  • So, these are some of the ingredients that you should look for in a cream. Avoid creams that contain petroleum jelly and fragrances. Petroleum jelly tends to clog the pores of skin and fragrances cause allergies and itching of the skin.

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