Face Wrinkles Remedy

Wrinkles develop as deep creases on the skin and pose an ugly appearance. Therefore, there is a need to follow suitable remedy for face wrinkles. Healthy diet, anti wrinkle creams, massages and home remedies work for wrinkle reduction.

Remedy for Face Wrinkles

  • A healthy diet is vital for wrinkle reduction. Foods should include important minerals and vitamins for health of the skin. Include B vitamin containing foods in your diet. B vitamin rich foods include beef, chicken and eggs. Other vitamins like C, A and E are important. They act as antioxidants and fights against the free radicals that damage the skin.
  • Anti wrinkle creams are effective for wrinkle cure. These creams help to keep the skin moist. The most important components in these creams include alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, co enzyme Q10, peptides, sunscreen and certain antioxidants. The effectiveness of these creams depend on the mode of application and concentration.
  • Regular massages helps in reducing wrinkles. Massages help to improve blood circulation to the skin. It results in muscle and tissue tightening and restores a younger look to the skin. To ensure faster removal of wrinkles, massage by using fingers of both hands in circular motions.
  • Face scrubs and masks that are made up of natural ingredients should be used. The natural ingredients help in detoxification and provides the needed moisture for the skin.
  • Regular facial also works for wrinkle reduction. It helps in improving blood flow and promotes the tightening of muscles.
  • Avoid smoking as it is the main culprit that causes the development of wrinkles. Smoking causes the release of free radicals that damage the skin and causes the development of wrinkles. It also accelerates the dehydration process. Dehydration is a vital factor for occurrence of wrinkles.
  • Home remedies also work for face wrinkles. Take egg white in a bowl and add two spoons of glycerin and rose water to it. Stir the contents and then apply it on the wrinkled surface. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.
  • Apart from following the above mentioned ways one should avoid sun exposure, stress, drug use, pollution and smoking for a wrinkle free skin.

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