Nose to Mouth Wrinkles – Causes, Ways to Remove Them

Nose to mouth wrinkles are also called as nasal labial folds. These folds generally pose an ugly appearance to the face. These lines become more prominent as we age due to the loss of cutaneous tissue and muscle tone.

What Causes Nose to Mouth Wrinkles?

Everyone of us have two creases that run along the sides from nose to the mouth corners. These mainly appear due to smiling. When we smile it causes the pull of the muscles that are attached to the mouth. This pull that occurs during smiling develops lines. These lines are called as nasolabial folds. These lines tend to deepen when you repeatedly smile.

Ways to Remove Nose to Mouth Wrinkles

These lines occur normally in every individual, but many seek correction only after they have deepened and formed into a nasal labial fold. Two types of treatment procedures are available: non surgical and surgical.

Non Surgical Method


In this treatment, soft tissue filler is injected into the folds. These soft tissue fillers include compounds such as sculptra, juvederm, restalyn and perlane. These fillers have the property to plump up the skin and makes the lines less prominent. These fillers are biodegradable and therefore there is a need to take them repeatedly.

Laser treatment:

It is a treatment that is used for skin tightening. This treatment works by heating the deeper layers of the skin cells. Heating causes collagen shrinkage and skin tightens.

Surgical Treatment

It includes face lift, mid face lift and cheek lift procedures. This treatment involves the detachment of sagging skin tissue by means of surgical incision. Now the so loosened skin is pulled up to to achieve a youthful appearance. This treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a well qualified professional.

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