Wrinkle Removal Procedures- Surgical and Non Surgical Treatment

Wrinkle removal procedures serve to eliminate fine lines and helps in skin tightening. They are of two different types – surgical and non surgical procedures. This article tries to describe about the two different treatment procedures.

Wrinkle Removal Procedures

  • They are of two different types – surgical and non surgical procedures. Face lifts and fat grafting are rated as invasive form of treatments.
  • In case of

    face lift treatment

    , incisions are made on the face and careful manipulation of skin muscles and tissues is done. Generally, skin tissue is pulled up for a perfect position.

  • Fat grafting

    procedure involves the removal of fat from abdominal region and injection of it into the face. This ensures plumping of skin and gives the face a well contoured appearance.

  • Non surgical procedures are less invasive. Some of the most common procedures include Juverderm, Botox, Restylane, Thermage and Titan.
  • Juvederm

    is an effective wrinkle filler that is made of hyaluronic acid. It is important for filling in the lines and wrinkles. It is most widely practiced for lip augmentation procedure.

  • Botox

    is most commonly used to treat wrinkles that occur in the forehead region. It works by freezing muscles that cause wrinkles.

  • Restylane

    is effective for treating wrinkles that occur in the forehead, mouth and cheek region. It is long lasting than other different types of fillers.

  • Thermage

    treatment procedure makes use of radio frequency energy to penetrate into the skin layers. Thereby, helping in collagen production and the skin looks younger and smooth.

  • Titan

    is a treatment used for skin tightening. It is most commonly done in cheek region and certain other parts of the face. It makes use of infra red light for dermis contraction. Series of treatments ensures a even toned, resilient and tighter skin.

  • Anti wrinkle creams

    serve as an effective wrinkle removal procedure. These creams should contain co-enzyme Q10, shea butter, avocado extract, peptides and kelp extracts in them. All of these components are vital for healthy skin.

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