Wrinkle Free Face Tips

Are wrinkles developing much earlier than your age? Here are a few wrinkle free face tips by which you can reduce them. They are simple and easy to follow.

Wrinkle Free Face Tips

  • Dry skin is the main reason behind the development of wrinkles. So, it is necessary that you take plenty of water daily to ensure a well hydrated skin.
  • Avoid stress as it is the reason for the wrinkles that occur on the forehead region.
  • Use a sunscreen for preventing damage caused by sun’s rays. UV rays are responsible for premature wrinkles on face. So, better to apply a sunscreen when you are out in the sun. A sunscreen with minimum SPF of 15 should be used.
  • Smoking causes the early development of wrinkles. Smoking causes the release of free radicals that damage the skin. So, better avoid it at the earliest.
  • Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. They serve to provide antioxidants vital for skin’s health. Take foods that are rich in vitamins E, C and A. Take foods that are rich in omega 3 fats as they are helpful in maintaining wrinkle free and smooth skin.
  • Ex-foliation should be done regularly to ensure the removal of the dead skin cells. It should be done once in a week. Home made ones or face scrubs can be used.
  • Always prefer sleeping on your back. By doing so, you can prevent wrinkles that occur on face.
  • Physical exercises also serve to minimize wrinkles. Exercises helps to increase the blood flow to the skin. Therefore, enabling a young and healthy skin.
  • It is necessary to clean your skin daily with a mild cleanser. Night cream should be applied daily. Application of night cream ensures the supply of essential nutrients to the skin. Moisturize your skin daily to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Topical application of anti wrinkle creams serve to minimize wrinkles. Chemical peels and facial masks are also effective to provide a youthful skin.

Therefore, by following these wrinkle free face tips one can minimize wrinkles to a large extent.

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