Wrinkle Treatment at Home

Wrinkles are classified into three different types surface lines, fine lines and deep wrinkles. Therefore, there is a need for a wrinkle treatment that is very effective. This article describes about the home remedies for wrinkle cure.

Wrinkle Treatment – Home Cure

  • Mix two spoons of sugar cane juice with 3 spoons of turmeric and make it into a paste. Keep this paste aside for about five minutes. Now apply this paste over the aging lines and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Wash your face with water. It is the most effective home wrinkle treatment.
  • Coconut oil serves for effective wrinkle cure. Rubbing this oil over the face, neck and around eyes helps to improve circulation and relaxes the skin. A good massage to the skin helps in providing a even skin tone and rejuvenates dead and tired skin cells.
  • Applying fresh juices of apple and cucumber everyday on the wrinkled area helps in curing wrinkles. It is one of the most effective treatment and is known to slow down the process of aging.
  • Regular consumption of a mixture of chopped ginger and honey at sunrise helps one to overcome wrinkles naturally.
  • A mixture of glycerin and egg white acts as an potent anti wrinkle lotion. It is most importantly used to remove wrinkles that occur on neck and hands. Egg white is taken in a bowl and to it 2 spoons rose water and glycerin is added. This mixture is stirred thoroughly and applied on the wrinkled areas and left for about 10 minutes. Now rinse with cold water.
  • Take apricots and deseed them. Finely chop these apricots along with their skin. To it, add lime juice, 2 spoons honey and cold milk. Mix all of these constituents properly and make it into a paste.
    Apply this paste on face and neck region and allow it stay for 30 minutes. Now rinse with lukewarm water containing lime juice in it. By doing so one can obtain a radiant and rejuvenated skin. Apricots are important for nourishing skin and lime juice for skin tightening.

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