Face-lifts for Skin Tightening

Several factors such as sun exposure, gravity, aging and stress cause the skin to loose collagen and elastin. Thereby, leading to sagging skin. Therefore, performing face-lifts for skin tightening help to improve the appearance of a person. Given below is a description about the treatment procedure.

Skin Tightening Through Face-lifts

  • Face lifts are more commonly performed on persons whose skin has a sagging appearance, but the person should still have a well defined bone structure with some amount of elasticity. This treatment helps to restore skin’s lost vitality and health. It is necessary that you discuss with your doctor regarding the treatment procedure and your expectations from the procedure.
  • Certain guidelines with regard to drinking, smoking and eating should be followed. By following them surgery goes on very well. If you are a smoker then try to stop smoking one week before the surgery. Smoking interferes with the blood flow and healing of scars. So, better avoid it.
  • In case of extensive procedure, two sessions are required. In this treatment, incisions are made above hairline, then on the front portion of the ear and another incision behind earlobe. The incisions are made depending on the facial structure.
  • The surgeon separates skin from muscle and fat present below. Now the excess fat is removed and membrane and muscle is tightened. Skin is then pulled back and stitched. Thin tube is placed below the skin to collect drained blood.
  • Medicines are given in order to minimize pain. However, if you suffer from persistent pain or sudden swelling you need to consult your surgeon. Drain tube and bandages should be removed a few days after surgery.
  • You need to be careful few days after the surgery. Try to avoid strenuous activities, heavy household work, alcohol and steam baths. Take rest in order to promote healing of the skin. After three weeks you will feel much better. The results generally lasts for years.

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