Thermage Treatment for Wrinkles

As age progresses, the collagen that is responsible for structure and elasticity of skin begins to deteriorate. Due to loss of collagen, fine lines appear on the skin. Thermage treatment helps in re-energizing skin and increases collagen production.

Thermage Treatment Procedure

  • It is one of the new revolutionary treatment procedure for treating wrinkles. It has less side effects when compared to other methods like injections and face lifts. It is the most available option for people who want go for skin rejuvenation.
  • It is a treatment that is non invasive and safe. It is designed to tighten and improve the skin. This procedure makes use of radio frequency device that is generally passed over the face. This device has a tip that is in contact with skin’s surface. Radio waves from this device heats the deeper skin layers and enhances the collagen production. Thereby, providing a smoother and tightened skin.
  • During the procedure you can feel a deep cooling sensation followed by heating sensation and again a cooling sensation. Heating sensation is an indication that the deeper skin layers have reached the appropriate temperature for tightening of skin.
  • After the treatment few people experience redness or swelling. But they fade away within a day. There is no need for a special care after this procedure except for the application of sunscreen and basic skin maintenance.
  • This treatment procedure can be carried out on neck, hands and on almost every part of the face. The surgery is complete within a single day and you can perform your daily tasks as usual. It takes few months for obtaining best results. So, do not get disheartened when results do not show up immediately. Results generally last depending on the aging process and skin type.
  • Thermage treatment is most effective when compared to other surgical procedure and skin tightening methods. Its effectiveness is because of its ability to heat the innermost skin layers and stimulation of collagen production, Thereby, promoting a younger and rejuvenated skin.

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