Eye Wrinkles from Sleeping

Eye region is very delicate and more prone to wrinkles. Eye wrinkles sometimes occur due to the type of sleeping position you choose. It is suggested to sleep on the back to minimize wrinkles. This articles describes the ways by which you can minimize wrinkles that occur due to the sleeping positions you opt for.

Eye Wrinkles – Sleeping Positions

  • Sleeping positions generally influence the formation of wrinkles around eyes. It is necessary to rest on your back. Sleeping on your side or on stomach encourages the formation of wrinkles. It is better to rest on your back so that the face is totally free from pressure due to the pillow. When you sleep by rubbing your face over the pillow you may unconsciously irritate the area around the eye region and cause wrinkle formation.
  • If it is very difficult to sleep on back then you can place a pillow below your knees. Placing a pillow will help you to stay in place. This can be the better option if you cannot rest on your back.
  • Another way by which you can prevent wrinkles is by opting a pillow that is soft and non synthetic. The pillow should be naturally made up of feathers, should provide the maximum comfort and should serve for long term performance. Use of this kind of a pillow serves to eliminate pressure points and improves the circulation to the skin. Therefore, using this pillow helps one to keep the eye tissue and face away from pillow and provides the maximum support to the head.
  • Always try to choose the right pillowcase. It is better to use a satin pillowcase that helps in sliding of your face across the pillow and minimizes the formation of wrinkles. Avoid use of cotton pillowcases as they promote the formation of wrinkles.
  • Wrinkles formed during sleeping are not as a result of muscle contractions, so botox injections are ineffective to treat these sleep wrinkles. You can opt for a good anti wrinkle cream that has the property to increase collagen production. If these creams do not work then consult your dermatologist for use of wrinkle fillers.
  • Get enough sleep daily to get rid of eye wrinkles.

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