Yoga for Facial Wrinkles

Yoga serves as the most natural way to eliminate facial wrinkles. It helps in strengthening and toning of the muscles in the face region. It aids in improving circulation and relieves you from stress.

Benefits of Yoga

  • It helps in enhancing blood circulation within the skin.
  • Eye bags, crow’s feet and puffiness around eye region can be reduced.
  • The skin appears to be glowing and smoother.
  • Fore head lines can be removed.
  • Lower and upper furrow lines can be eliminated.

Different Yoga Poses to Eliminate Facial Wrinkles

  • Lion face:

    Firstly, inhale air and constrict the muscles in your body. Now exhale air and relax your muscles with eyes wide open and tongue held out. Repeat the same for 3 times. This is one of the best exercise in order improve circulation in the facial region.

  • Inversion:

    Stand with your legs widely stretched and toes pointed inwards. Now bend in such a way that your head touches the ground. Place your thumbs on the chin region and fingers on the cheek. By doing so, the circulation within the face region increases.

  • Brow smoother:

    It is an excellent exercise that helps in smoothening wrinkles that occur on the eyebrow region. Place index finger at the end of eyebrows and stretch apart. This should be done with closed eyes. This exercise enables physiological and emotional balance and keeps your mind much relaxed. It can be performed by persons belonging to age groups 16 to 60.

  • Facial massages in yoga pose:

    Opt for half lotus position and see to that your neck and spine are in a comfortable position. Take few breaths by closing your eyes. Place your index finger on the eyebrow region and run through it. Now release and repeat the same. This procedure should be followed until the whole tension is drained off from the muscles of forehead region.

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  1. Enjoyed your article! A wonderful facial exercise program. Lots of great info on facial exercises, the healthy natural way to look younger.

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