How Sculptra Helps to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Sculptra corrects wrinkles and folds, especially the deep and dynamic ones that are there from nose to the lip, lip to the chin and horizontally and vertically across the forehead. It is also famously known as the “liquid facelift”.

Its results are impressive and long lasting. And, this article will help you understand what it is made up of and the effectiveness of its treatment.

What is Sculptra Made Up of?

It is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic but bio-compatible (which means no harm to the body) substance.

It is also a clinically proven treatment that softens the wrinkles and deep lines and helps restore the facial volume which is lost due to natural aging.

How does it Work?

This substance comes in the form of powder. It is mixed with water that is sterile and is then injected deep into the sunken cheeks, skin folds or other areas of the face that need re-contouring and smoothing.

The whole process generally takes less than one hour. It then activates production of collagen (a protein that regulates the skin’s structure and volume.

This preparation restores the collagen lost due to aging and frequent exposure to the sun. It thus gives the skin a fresh looking firmness and fullness. It will help in the growth of new collagen over a period of three to six weeks.

And the results could last up to 2 years while the results of other dermal fillers is in terms of a few months. To receive better results one should be treated at least 2 to 3 times with this filler. And depending upon the facial volume loss of the patient some might require more than 3 times.

What are the Side Effects when Treated with Sculptra?

After the treatment, one might experience some swelling, itching and redness around the injected area. You should massage around the injected area in order to avoid any further lumps under the skin. Thus, it is effective in producing long lasting results by getting rid of the wrinkles and improvizing the volume of the face.

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