How to Reduce Wrinkles Between Eyes

Several different factors such as aging, constant face expressions, loss of skin proteins and low levels of estrogen will lead to the development of wrinkles between eyes. However, one can reduce wrinkles by opting for different treatment procedures. This article talks about the factors causing wrinkles and ways to avoid them.

What Causes Wrinkles Between Eyes

  • The most important factor that leads to the development of wrinkles is the loss of elastin and collagen in the body.
  • In case of women, lower levels of estrogen will lead to wrinkles.
  • Furrowing or frowning excessively will lead to deep lines between eyes.
  • Excessive expression of feelings such as sorrow, anger, joy and agitation will cause ugly lines between eyes.
  • Aging process will contribute to creases between eyebrows.

Ways to Reduce Wrinkles Between Eyes

  • Try to opt for an anti wrinkle cream. Better to choose a cream that has peptides in it. Peptides help in wound healing, cell growth and skin rejuvenation. The other important ingredients that you should look for in a cream includes co enzyme Q10, antioxidants, shea butter, alpha hydroxy acids and other natural ingredients.
  • Botox injections can be used. It is toxin that is obtained from bacteria and helps in eliminating unwanted lines between the eyes. This injection works by paralyzing muscles that are known to cause wrinkles. Thereby, reducing the incidence of wrinkle occurrence.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure. Try to apply a sunscreen when in the sun for a longer period of time.
  • Smoking is a habit that one should forgo. Smoking will lead to skin dryness, a factor that eventually provokes wrinkles. So, better to stop smoking in order to reduce wrinkles.

Apart from the above mentioned tips stress free environment, yoga, meditation, consumption of fruits and vegetables, healthy diet and facial exercises play a major role in lowering wrinkles.

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