Retinol for Wrinkles – Benefits, Side Effects

Retinol is the widely used constituent in many skin care products. Therefore, using retinol for wrinkles helps in preventing the aging process and promotes skin tightening. This article tries to explain about the benefits and the side effects associated with use of this cream.

Retinol for Wrinkles – Benefits

  • There are two different forms of vitamin A retinyl palmitate and retinol. Vitamin A does not act directly. It works via its derivative retinoic acid. Our skin cells have enzymes that have the ability to convert vitamin A to retinoic acid. Only retinoids have an effect on the skin cells and give a youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Retinol, a Derivative of vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant and acts on the free radicals that damage the skin. These free radicals mostly cause damage to the skin cells and enhances the process of aging. However, by keeping the free radicals to the minimum skin aging can be controlled.
  • Retinol cream is very effective in removing deep wrinkles. It has the ability to cure damage that occur to the skin. It has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin where collagen and elastin are present. Collagen is important for skin rigidity and elastin is vital for skin elasticity.
  • Retinol not only reduces the appearance of wrinkles, but also is helpful in skin tightening. It is better to choose a cream that has high levels of retinol in it for effective results.

Side effects

  • When you start using the cream you may experience irritation and redness. So, start with light dosage and then increase the strength of the cream.
  • It is better that you do not use retinol based products during pregnancy as they cause birth defects in the child to be born.
  • These creams do not show results overnight. There is a need to use them regularly for effective results.

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