How to Avoid Sleep Wrinkles

Sleep wrinkles generally occur due to sleeping in the same position for a longer period of time. They also appear due to the use of cotton pillowcases or by sleeping on the sides. This article gives information about the different ways by which you can minimize the appearance of sleep lines.

Ways to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

  • Sleep wrinkles occur depending on the sleeping positions you choose. They appear due to sleeping in the same position for a longer period of time. So, in order to avoid the appearance of these sleep lines you must change your sleeping positions. People who sleep on their backs with face upwards have a lesser tendency to develop wrinkles. Better to avoid sleeping on your side as they promote wrinkle formation.
  • Sleeping on cotton pillows causes an increase in the tendency of wrinkle formation. When we sleep on cotton pillows by facing sideways or downwards our skin gets stretched and is pulled in a direction where it faces pressure. This pressure causes skin folding and creases. So, longer the duration of sleep, the more deeper sleep lines tend to appear. Therefore, it is better to use a pillow that is fluffy and soft. Use of such pillows eliminate the unwanted pressure and minimizes folds and creases.
  • Always use satin pillowcases as they enable in gliding of your skin smoothly. Generally, cotton pillows remove the natural oil and moisture from the skin and causes the drying of skin. Drying of skin leads to premature aging. So, better use a synthetic or satin pillowcases for preventing skin wrinkling.
  • For sleep lines that have already appeared there is a need to use a pillow that is embedded with copper micro fibers. These pillows have the ability to stimulate the production of collagen within the skin.
  • Sleep lines appear because of muscle contractions and therefore botox injections are ineffective. So, in order to correct these sleep lines there is a need to enhance collagen production. Collagen production is enhanced by topical use of a cream that has peptides in it. Peptides enhance the collagen production within the body. If these creams do not work then you can opt for wrinkle fillers.

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