Thinning Skin and Aging

As we age, the skin thins and wrinkles appear. Several factors such as sun exposure, environmental factors, improper diet and smoking cause thinning of skin. This article tries to explain as to how thinning skin and aging are related.

How Thinning Skin and Aging are Related

  • As age progresses, thinning of skin occurs. Skin thinning mostly occurs due to unequal distribution of fat within the body. The fat that is abundant during infancy tends to deplete in the body as we age. Elastin and collagen the two most important components undergo change and cause the loss of skin firmness. Thereby, resulting in fragile and dry skin. The number of oil secreting glands within the skin reduces and makes skin ineffective in retaining moisture. The blood vessels within skin become more fragile and they rupture.
  • Due to exposure to sun, the calciferol layer that acts as a fatty tissue insulator is removed and results in skin thinning. Other factors such as poor nutrition, environmental pollutants, stress conditions, cigarette smoking and drug usage causes the thinning of skin. One of the major factor being sun exposure. All of the above factors lead to thin skin and accelerate the aging process.

How to Avoid Thinning of Skin

  • Always apply a sunscreen when your out in the sun to minimize sun damage.
  • Take a balanced diet that is packed of essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are vital for skin.
  • Avoid smoking as it enhances the process of aging. Smoking causes the dehydration of skin. Dehydration is the major factor that promotes the development of fine lines.
  • Always keep your skin hydrated. Regularly apply moisturizer for maintaining a healthy skin.
  • Avoid topically applied corticosteroids for a longer period of time. When they are used for a long time it causes the weakening of skin and blood vessels and promotes aging.

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