Natural Ways to Remove Upper Lip Wrinkles

The most important factor that promotes the development of upper lip wrinkles is smoking. Several other factors such as improper diet and sun exposure may also be the reason for their development. Therefore, there is a need to avoid them by following some natural ways that are described below.

Upper Lip Wrinkles – How to Eliminate Them Naturally

  • Lack of hydration is the most important reason behind the development of wrinkles. So, in order to maintain a well hydrated lips you should use a lip balm regularly.
  • Regular ex-foliation should be performed. This process aids in removing the top skin layers and promotes the development of newer skin cells. With newer skin cells growth the lip region becomes more smooth.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids that are made from fruit, milk and sugar cane should be used. These acids help in removing dead skin cells and regenerates collagen.
  • Avocado oil serves best to eliminate lines that occur in the lip region. This oil has vitamins E, A and D in it. It is an oil that has the ability to penetrate deep in to the skin and aids in moisturizing and healing. It is also helpful in collagen regeneration.
  • Shea butter acts very gently on the skin and smoothens the upper lip wrinkles. It can be used for upper lip as it is a very sensitive region. It also aids in reducing inflammation and promotes healing.
  • Natural skin care products containing plant extracts, enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants , minerals, cynergy TK, phytessence wakame, jojoba oil and shea butter should be used. Some of these ingredients are important for regenerating collagen in the body.
  • Loss of collagen is the primary reason for wrinkles on lip region. The second reason being smoking. Smoking causes the constriction of blood vessels and due to this nutrients do not reach the skin. So, it is better to stop smoking.
  • A proper diet is essential for healthy skin. Avoid intake of saturated fats and instead choose fresh vegetables and fruits.

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