Forehead Wrinkles at 14

A face that expresses more is likely to develop wrinkles. One of the most common facial expression that we tend to perform generally is eye brow raising. This expression when done many times will lead to development of forehead wrinkles which becomes a permanent fixture as age progresses.

Causes of Forehead Wrinkles at 14

  • Excessive sun exposure is the reason behind the development of wrinkles at an much earlier age. Exposure to bright sunshine causes one to frown and provokes the development of lines in the fore head region.
  • Smoking can be a reason for wrinkle development to some extent. Smoking causes the release of toxins that get accumulated within the skin pores and promotes skin sagging. The more you try to smoke, more is the chance of getting a droopy skin.
  • Any kind of facial damage such as an accident may be responsible for development of wrinkles and scars. Any injury that is caused on the facial region will damage the skin pores and provokes wrinkles.

Common Ways to Avoid Forehead Wrinkles at 14

  • Better to apply a sunscreen when out in the sun for a longer period of time. Exposure to sun provides you with vitamin D, however too much of anything is bad.
  • Try to keep your skin well hydrated throughout the day. Drink plenty of water. Apply a moisturizer regularly as it prevents dry skin.
  • Facial workouts help in curing fore head wrinkles. They improve circulation within the skin. Yoga also helps you by relaxing your facial muscles and makes you to frown less when agitated.
  • Better to opt for anti wrinkle cream at the earliest. Mostly these creams have hydroxy acids that help in removal of top skin layers and promotes the formation of newer skin cells. Thereby, making you look much younger. Retina A lotions are also effective. Before choosing a cream there is a need to consult your dermatologist.

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