Cosmetic Treatment Procedures for Skin Wrinkles

There are two different types of treatment procedures available, cosmetic and medical treatments. This article talks about the different cosmetic procedures available to treat skin wrinkles.

Skin Wrinkles Treatment – Cosmetic Procedures

  • Botox:

    It is a treatment in which the dermatologist injects proteins into the skin to smoothen the skin wrinkles. The results shown by use of botox are instant and has become the first choice in treating wrinkles that occur due to aging. It is most effective in curing eye wrinkles. It is inexpensive and no recovery time is needed. However, this treatment is not permanent and there is a need to take recurrent treatments for long term effects.

  • Chemical peels:

    These are most widely used to treat wrinkles that occur around eye and mouth region. These peels are effective in curing deep wrinkles. In this treatment, chemicals are applied on to the skin.These chemicals work by removing the top skin layers and help in the regeneration of newer skin cells from below. Thereby, promoting a younger looking skin. In case of deeper peels trichloroacetic acid and salicyclic acid is used as they penetrate much deeper into the skin. These peels do a good job of smoothening wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Face lift:

    It is an effective way to get rid of sagging skin. In this treatment, the skin is pulled and tucked behind ears. By this your face tightens and instantly aged appearance disappears. It is better to choose a dermatologist who has years experience in performing face lifts.

  • Fillers:

    Fillers are helpful in flattening folds and increasing volume of the skin. Collagen fillers were more common before, but nowadays calcium hydroxylapatite and hyaluronic acid fillers are being used. The effect of these fillers lasts for about 6-9 months.

  • Laser resurfacing:

    In this treatment, lasers are passed over the affected areas until they reach the dermis layer. This enables the synthesis of collagen, which helps in curing wrinkles and sagging skin. This procedure should be carried out several times to improve skin. However, it takes time for recovery.

Before opting for any of the above mentioned treatment procedure there is a need to seek doctor’s advice.

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