Different Treatments to Increase Collagen Production

Damage to skin proteins is mostly seen during skin aging process. The most common aging symptoms include fine lines, pigmentation and skin laxity. However, these symptoms can be reversed by increasing collagen production in the body. This article describes about the different treatment options available for improving collagen.

Treatments to Increase Collagen Production

  • Use of tissue fillers help in fighting against the existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of skin wrinkles further. These fillers work by improving skin volume and smoothen the skin creases. Hyaluronic acid fillers help to increase collagen production in the body to a large extent and aid in skin repair. In case of some patients fillers provide a young look within a single treatment.
  • Dermabrasion can also be an other option to enhance collagen production within the body. This procedure makes use of a rotating machine that aids in scraping off the top skin layers. Thereby, promoting the growth newer skin cells rapidly. Wounds generally occur during this procedure. In order to promote wound healing process new collagen is produced.
  • Titan is a form of treatment that makes use of infra red light in order to stimulate collagen production. The infra red light penetrates deep into the dermal layer and generates collagen. Thereby, providing a radiant and young skin.
  • Try to use anti wrinkle cream that have natural components that aid in stimulating collagen production. One of such ingredient is cynergy TK. It is made of keratin, a natural substance that is commonly found in the skin. Thereby enabling easy penetration into the skin. By using a cream containing cynergy TK you can improve skin elasticity by 42% and skin moisture by 18%. Results obtained show the growth of new skin cells and formation of elastic and firm skin.
  • Free radicals are the culprits behind the depletion of collagen within the body. So there is a need to fight against them. So, try to take antioxidant rich foods to neutralize these free radicals. Therefore, include foods such as oats, grapes, pomegranates, blackberries and spinach.

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