Eye Wrinkles Surgery

As age progresses, several changes appear around the eyes. The thin skin in the eye region begins to sag and eye wrinkles occur. Sun exposure, smoking and environmental factors are responsible for development of fine lines in the eye region.

Eye Wrinkles Surgery

  • Few people choose cosmetic surgery procedures like

    eye lifts

    in order to eliminate wrinkles from the eye region. In this treatment, the surgeon tightens and pulls the skin present in the eye region in order to attain a wrinkle free skin.

  • This procedure is often associated with risks. Damage to the nerve or muscles may occur during this procedure. This procedure should be performed by an well qualified and professional doctor to minimize risks.
  • Laser eyelid surgery

    is effective to remove fine lines. In this treatment, lasers are used in order to remove wrinkles from upper and lower eyelid region. The light pulses aid in vaporizing the top most skin layers and help in their removal. Thereby, promoting growth of newer skin cells. This procedure is less invasive when compared to eye lifts and show best results.

Other Ways that do not Involve in Eye Wrinkles Surgery

  • Botox:

    It is one of the most important treatment procedure that is widely used by many people. This treatment works by paralyzing muscles that cause wrinkles.

  • Anti wrinkle creams:

    Use of anti wrinkle creams is effective to cure wrinkles. These creams aid in enhancing collagen production in the body. Thereby, promoting a younger look to the skin.

  • Balanced diet:

    A diet that is packed of essential vitamins and minerals should be taken. Take plenty of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Take foods that are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin is necessary for maintaining elasticity of skin.

Generally eye wrinkles surgery is associated with risks. Therefore, it is better to choose a treatment that is non invasive in order to treat wrinkles.

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