Does Loss of Collagen Cause Skin Wrinkles?

Collagen is the most vital element that is needed for maintaining a proper skin structure. Several factors such as sun exposure, smoking and aging causes its loss. Thereby, leading to the formation of skin wrinkles. This article explains about the importance of collagen, factors causing its degradation and how to increase its production in the body.

Collagen to Prevent Skin Wrinkles

Importance of Collagen

Fibers and proteins make up the extracellular matrix. This extracellular matrix anchors to tissues and provides protection. Collagen is one of the protein that is found in this matrix. Lack of collagen will lead to sagging of skin tissue and gives an ugly appearance to the face. If suppose you imagine that there is no collagen in your body, then cartilage and bones would collapse. So, it is the most prominent element for the skin.

What Causes Collagen Degradation?

  • Vitamin C is the most important element that is necessary for maintaining collagen levels in the body. It helps in activating enzymes that are needed for creating collagen in the body. Absence of vitamin C causes the degradation of collagen in the body. Thereby, causing skin wrinkles.
  • Sun exposure is the most important cause for depletion of collagen.
  • Aging is a factor that accelerates the process of collagen destruction and results in wrinkles on the skin.

What Can you do to Increase Collagen Production

  • Include foods that are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is essential for activating enzymes necessary for producing collagen. Antioxidants are vital for fighting against free radicals that are known to damage the skin. Some most important foods that boost collagen include tomatoes, kale, beans, garlic and spinach.
  • Apply a anti wrinkle cream that has ingredients vital for enhancing collagen production in the body. One of such component is cynergy TK.
  • Amino acids threonine and lysine are most important for producing collagen in the body. These two amino acids are obtained from dairy products, meat, beans and wheat. So, include them in your daily foods.

So, we can say that it is the most important element that is needed to prevent wrinkles.

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