Nose Wrinkles – Types, Treatments

The common place of occurrence of wrinkles on the nose region is on the upper nasal bridge. These lines are commonly called as bunny lines. Nasolabial folds are most common in people and run from nose to mouth region. This article explains about nose wrinkles and the treatment options available to cure them.

Different Types of Nose Wrinkles

  • Wrinkles on the nose region are of two types – nasolabial folds and bunny lines. Bunny lines are more commonly caused due to hyperactivity of muscles in the nasal region when laughing or smiling. Scrunching of your nose makes these lines more visible. These lines are either diagonal, vertical or horizontal. They appear as shallow or superficial lines.
  • Nasolabial folds are creases that run from corner of nose to the tip of the mouth. At the beginning, they appear as fine lines and later they develop into deep folds. Usually a single crease is found, but in some case two creases may also be present.
  • Several factors such as degradation of elastin and collagen, skeletal degradation and migration of cheek pads downwards contribute to deepening of folds. Exposure to environmental pollutants also cause their development.

Nose Wrinkles – Different Treatment Options

  • Depending on the severity of folds treatment is selected. In case of less deeper folds, filler like juvederm can be used. Fillers should be used in small amounts to minimize the risk of development of blue color on the skin.
  • Liquid face lifts can be performed. In this treatment, addition of volume to cheeks or lifting of upper face is done in order to pull back the fold and make it appear less prominent.
  • Botox injections can be effective to cure bunny lines. Botulin toxin is injected to the muscles present in the nose region. This toxin blocks the muscle contraction and prevents the further occurrence of wrinkles.
  • Anti wrinkle cream can also be used. See to that the cream has ingredients such as retinol, kinetin, alpha hydroxy acids, copper peptides and co- enzyme Q10 in it.

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