Tips to get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

Most people tend to care more about their face, but ignore the neck region in case of wrinkles. But it is known that neck wrinkles as much as the face. So, there is a need to take care of these neck wrinkles and try to avoid them. Given below are a few tips that can help you overcome wrinkles.

Simple Tips to Overcome Neck Wrinkles

  • Avoid smoking as it is the most important reason for development of premature wrinkles. Smoke released causes the discoloration and destruction of skin in the neck region. Try to stay in a area that is free from smoke.
  • Regularly apply a moisturizer to make your skin look supple. A moisturizer with vitamin E is also effective.
  • Ex-foliation of skin should be done. By doing so, you are removing the dead skin layers of the skin. Thereby, promoting the growth of newer skin cells.
  • Try not to use more than one pillow. Use of more than one pillow will lead to creases on the neck region. Therefore, use single pillow that is sufficient enough to support you.
  • Apply sunscreen when out in the sun for prolonged period of time.
  • Choose an anti wrinkle cream that has natural ingredients in it. Most common ingredients that you should look for include co enzyme Q10, cynergy TK, retinol and phytessence wakame. All of these constituents help in regenerating collagen in the body. Apply it regularly for best results.
  • Try to hold your head high throughout the day. Sitting on the desks with heads facing downwards will lead to unwanted creases on the neck. So, avoid it.
  • One of the most popular neck exercise is to sit on a chair by tilting your head back. Now open your eyes and look at the ceiling. Begin chewing movements with your mouth shut for about 20 times. This exercise helps in eliminating neck wrinkles to a large extent.

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