Facial Wrinkles – Types, Treatments

Facial wrinkles are of different types and Several factors contribute to their development. This article talks about the different types of these wrinkles in detail and treatment options available in order to cure them.

Different Types of Facial Wrinkles

  • Dynamic wrinkles:

    These wrinkles occur due muscle contraction. Each time your muscle contracts the skin bunches together and forms lines between the muscles. The most important locations for the appearance of dynamic wrinkles are eyes, eyebrows and forehead region. Frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on the forehead region and lines that occur on the corners of the eye called as crow’s feet are examples of dynamic wrinkles. They occur due to facial movements like frowning, laughing and squinting.


    Botox injections:

    These injections are effective in treating dynamic wrinkles. These injections help in temporarily paralyzing muscle function for about 3 to 4 months. Thereby, preventing muscle contraction and occurrence of wrinkles.

  • Static wrinkles:

    These are caused due to loss of skin’s elasticity. Several other factors such as smoking, poor nutrition, genetics and sun damage also cause these wrinkles. They tend to appear even if muscles do not contract. These wrinkles are more commonly seen around eyes and cheeks.


    Laser skin resurfacing:

    It is treatment in which lasers are used to vaporize top skin layers. Removal of top skin layers aids in the regeneration of newer and young skin cells. Lasers also help in regenerating new collagen in the body.

    Chemical peels:

    In this treatment, chemicals are applied on to the skin to remove the dead skin cells.
    This enables the regeneration of newer skin cells and improves skin’s thickness and elasticity.

  • Nasolabial folds:

    These folds mostly occur due to the sagging of the underneath facial structures. They appear as deep grooves and more commonly run from nose to mouth region. These are also called as smile lines.



    Fillers made of hyaluronic acid, calcium derivatives and collagen are effective in minimizing the appearance of these folds. Fat transfer can also be done. In this procedure, fat from other part is removed and filled into the creases in order to plump the skin.

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