Premature Wrinkles – Prevention

Premature wrinkles are a cause a concern for many people nowadays. They occur due to factors such as sun exposure, smoking, improper diet and lack of hydration. However, by following some preventive measures you can prevent wrinkles at an early age.

How to Prevent Premature Wrinkles

  • Choose a good quality face cream. See to that it is made up of ingredients that aid in collagen production. Cynergy TK is one such ingredient. It is necessary for increasing newer cell production and also helps in stimulating elastin and collagen production. Thereby, enabling skin rejuvenation from inside.

    Phytessence wakame is the next most important ingredient that you should look for. This ingredient is necessary for skin’s elasticity and acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are important for neutralizing free radicals. Another vital ingredient is co enzyme Q10, it is necessary for proper functioning of skin cells.

  • Smoking is the most important reason behind the development of premature wrinkles. The nicotine component present in the smoke causes the depletion of collagen protein and leads to wrinkles. So, avoid smoking at the earliest.
  • A well hydrated skin is less prone to wrinkles. So, drink plenty of water daily and regularly apply a moisturizer to maintain a young and smooth skin.
  • Sun exposure for a longer time is responsible for causing premature wrinkles on the face. So, try to apply a sunscreen of minimum SPF of 15 in order to protect from sun damage.
  • Avoid excess sugar in your diet. Generally, the sugar molecules adhere to collagen molecules and degrade it.
  • Include anti wrinkle foods in your diet. Some of the most common foods that you need to take include berries, fish, sunflower seeds, almonds, tomatoes, apricots and sweet potatoes.
  • Following some home remedies also help. Application of coconut oil, castor oil, mashed banana, honey, egg white and pine apple juice to the face also help to prevent the early onset of wrinkles.

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