Preventing Wrinkles in Your 20s

At the age of twenty, the skin is at its best in your life. You have just left the teenage oily and acne prone skin and fine lines have yet to appear on the skin around the eyes. In other words, your skin is glowing and smooth.

A person having this kind of skin, would always love to maintain such beautiful skin. If you take care of your beautiful skin in your 20’s and start preventing wrinkles, you will age gracefully and have youthful skin in the years to come. Some easy ways to maintain the beauty of skin are described in this article.

Some Skin Care Routines

  • Healthy foods should be taken.
  • Exercise must be made a part of daily routine.
  • In the morning, wash your face and if you have oily skin, use a cleanser.
  • Application of sunscreen is a must before going out in the sun.
  • Some skin care manufacturers recommend the use of toner before applying any cream. But, it is not necessary as it contains alcohol and may cause dry skin. It rips off the natural moisturizer in the skin.
  • Eye cream should be applied to moisturize the delicate area around the skin.
  • A special eye care cream formulated with sunscreen should be applied to the eyes as regular sunscreen can cause harm to the skin around eyes.
  • Your skin care routine should be similar in the evening also.
  • Cleanser should be used to clean the face, which removes dirt and makeup and opens the pores too.
  • Anti-aging cream containing retinol should be used as it is a direct source of vitamin A to the skin.
  • According to research done at the University of Michigan, which states that retinol improves the skin tone and enhances the appearance of aging skin.

Important Points for Sunscreens

As sun is the most important cause for wrinkles, sunscreen should be daily applied on the exposed skin. Following points should be kept in mind:

  • Sunscreen should be of SPF 30.
  • Wear sunscreen also on cloudy days.
  • Reapply sunscreen when you are exposed to sun for a longer period like when you are swimming, sweating and at the beaches.
  • To keep the skin smooth, skin exfoliation should be done once in a week.
  • Sleeping habits should be changed as sleeping on one side or stomach, cuts down on air circulation, causing wrinkles. Thus, always sleeping on the back is beneficial.

The above are some of the methods to keep the wrinkles away.

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