How Wrinkles can be caused due to Smoking?

Smoking causes direct irritation to the skin. It is the second most important cause of wrinkles after sun rays. When you smoke tobacco, after few years you will notice wrinkles on your face, forehead, arms and chest. Smoking causes complete damage of the skin and premature wrinkling of the skin.
Smoking is also the leading cause of cerebrovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, cancer and various other health conditions.

Wrinkles Due to Smoking

  • Smoking leads to less oxygen supply in the blood, thus it reduces the blood circulation.
  • This in turn, decreases the collagen production, which is the main structural component of the skin.
  • Less collagen formation leads to less water content in the skin.
  • It leads to less absorption of vitamin A and C in the skin and it makes the skin thin.
  • Smoking also leads to decreased estrogen level in women which causes dry skin and uneven tissues in the skin.

Smoking is a Leading Cause of Wrinkles

  • Smoking leads to sagging skin, wrinkles and lines.
  • Some facial symptoms caused by smoking are yellow teeth and eyes, bad breath and wrinkles.
  • Smoking leads to reduced collagen levels in the skin, which ultimately causes saggy face and arms.
  • When the skin is exposed to smoking once, it loses blood circulation. Thus, it makes the skin dull, droopy and less healthy in appearance.
  • It is so powerful that even second hand smoke can cause aging and wrinkling in the skin. Hence,it is advised to stay away from the person who is smoking near you.
  • It is also true that people who smoke in their 30s have the wrinkles same as the non-smokers have in their 50s.

The above are some reasons for wrinkles due to smoking. Thus, to reduce wrinkles you must stop smoking, prohibit alcohol and other caffeinated products, follow a healthy diet, take vitamin A and C in your diet and workout daily.

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