Dry Skin Wrinkles

Wrinkles on the skin starts as we age, which is the normal process of aging. Its inevitable process, but it can be delayed by taking proper care at the right time. There can be some other reasons which may lead to wrinkles. One such prominent reason can be dry skin which leads to wrinkles in skin.

Dry skin wrinkles can be treated with some natural remedies. Dry skin can be caused due to excessive smoking, pollution, prolonged exposure to the sun or a naturally dry skin. The oil content and fats in the skin get lost due to the dry skin, which makes the skin to lose its elasticity and the ultimate result is wrinkles. Some methods to cure dry skin wrinkles are discussed in this article.

Methods to Cure Dry Skin Wrinkles

Dry skin wrinkles can be cured by the following methods:

  • Moisturise your skin

    – Regular application of moisturizer to your skin is extremely important. Moisturizing creams, lotions and oils can be applied during the day time and also at night time. These oils and creams containing vitamin E can be beneficial for dry skin.

  • Water

    – Plenty of water should be taken daily as it helps hydrate your skin and also maintains healthy body functions.

  • Healthy diet

    – A proper diet should be eaten containing lots of vegetables and fruits. Alcohols and other caffeinated products should be avoided. Also, junk foods and processed foods should be avoided.

  • Skin protection

    – Skin should be protected from sun’s rays and harmful chemical based skin products. Skin should be covered while going out into the sun and sunscreen with appropriate SPF should be applied, even on cloudy days.

  • Egg yolk should be applied on the wrinkled skin to rejuvenate it.
  • Olive oil, milk and honey should be applied to restore lost fats.
  • Cucumber juice and pineapple pieces should be applied on the wrinkled skin.

The above are some of the basic treatments to help relieve dry skin wrinkles.

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