How to Reduce Wrinkles on Face

People are always in search of good advices about how to reduce wrinkles, especially on face. As we age, our skin starts wrinkling, which is a natural process of aging. It can be due to skin dryness, harmful rays of sunlight, exposure to chemicals, stress and sleeplessness etc.

To get an affordable and cheap anti-aging cream is a hard task. Thus, to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles on face, some natural and easy to follow methods are advised. If we can’t avoid the wrinkles, then up to some extent we can minimize it and delay its progression, as it is a natural aging process. Some basic tips to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on face are described in this article.

Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on Face

Some easy methods to cure wrinkles are as follows:

  • Sleep

    – You should take a proper sleep as sleeplessness is one of the major cause of wrinkles. You should sleep for 7 to 8 hours daily, though it is hard to get.

  • Alcohol

    – Excessive intake of alcohol should be avoided as it dries out the skin and take out the water content of the body, making it more dry. Taking alcohol also leads to formation of lines and spots on the skin over time.

  • Smoking

    – It is the second most important cause of wrinkles after sun light. Smoking leads to puckering of lips, which leads to facial wrinkles. It also leads to less oxygen supply in the body, which causes skin wrinkling. Also person smoking nearby should also be avoided.

  • Water

    – Plenty of water should be taken. At least eight glasses of water should be taken daily.

  • Caffeine, tannin and sodas should also be avoided as they cause negative effects to the skin.
  • Make up should be removed before going to bed.
  • Moreover, well balanced diet with fresh vegetables and fruits should be taken.

The above are some of the useful tips to reduce wrinkles on face.

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