How to Reduce Wrinkles on Hands

Wrinkles are the normal part off aging process. They are visible on face, neck, chest and arms. To tell someone’s accurate age, one can look at their hands. It is also true that our hands age faster than the other body parts. Wrinkles on hands appear more than other body parts because of constant use of water and detergents, weather exposure and minor cuts and scrapes.

People use a variety of wrinkle products on their face, but they neglect the wrinkles on their hands. Through some similar methods of wrinkles treatment on face, one can reduce wrinkles on hands. Some remedies which can soften the present wrinkles and prevent formation of new wrinkles are described in this article.

Cure for Wrinkles on Hands

To get soft and wrinkle free hands, following treatments can be followed:

  • Anti-wrinkle cream

    – Regular application of anti-wrinkle cream on hands is must. Anti-aging facial creams can also be used to enhance collagen production. Following this, hands would look firmer and fuller.

  • Alpha hydroxy cleansers

    – Alpha hydroxy cleansers should be used on hands to increase cellular regeneration. Scrubs remove the dead and damaged skin and helps generation of new cells. Thus, hands skin will look younger.

  • Sunscreen

    – Sun’s harmful rays cause wrinkles. Thus, sunscreens should be used on the back of hands. Wear gloves when driving in the sun to protect them.

  • Vitamins

    – Vitamins A and E should be consumed as they both provide protection to skin.

  • A lot of water should be taken daily for proper hydration of the body as dryness also leads to wrinkles. Thus, drinking lots of water makes the skin plump and reduces fine lines and less visible wrinkles.

The above are some of the treatments to reduce wrinkles on hands.

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