How to Reduce Wrinkles on Forehead

When we age, wrinkles first appear on the forehead. The wrinkles in the forehead can be the most annoying thing. The wrinkles on the forehead can be categorized under the facial wrinkles category. Crow’s feet and laugh lines become deeper.

Wrinkles on forehead can be of two types – horizontal lines and vertical lines. The horizontal lines occur between the eyebrows and hairline and vertical lines between the eyebrows. There are many causes of wrinkles on forehead. Some methods to get rid of wrinkles on forehead are discussed in this article.

Treatment for Wrinkles on Forehead

Following are some of the treatments for wrinkles on forehead:

  • Sunscreen

    – Sunscreens should be used daily before going out into the sun to prevent wrinkles on forehead.

  • Castor oil

    – It should be used daily before going to bed to prevent forehead wrinkling.


– Some exercises based on a certain set of muscles in a particular way are useful for forehead wrinkles treatment. Some exercises for forehead wrinkles treatment are as follows:

  • Index finger should be placed in the middle of the eyebrows. Now, eye muscles should be brought down and eyebrows should be brought up. It should be repeated for 5 times.
  • Eyebrows should be pulled closer together and then pulled apart as far as possible. It should be repeated 5 times.
  • The eyebrows should be raised up like a surprise and then brought down like a frown. It should be repeated for 5 times.
  • The forehead muscles should be tightened and held in this position for 10 seconds. Now, release them. This exercise should be repeated for 5 times.

The above exercise can effectively relieve forehead wrinkles problem.

Apart from this, one can also go for the following treatments:

  • Forehead lift

    – To reduce wrinkle lines on forehead, one can go for forehead lift treatment.

  • Botox treatment

    – One can also go for botox treatment to cure forehead wrinkles.

The above are some of the effective treatment for wrinkles on forehead.

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  1. You do not necessarily need to go to the length of Botox injections to remove wrinkles from your face. Not straight away, anyway. A lot of times simply taking good care of your skin with highly active, professional skin care and having clinical facials and peels can be enough to keep your skin looking younger longer. Injections are great of course and extremely fast acting but you also need to prepare your skin in an appropriate way so they last as long as they can and not wear off too quickly.

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