How to Prevent Wrinkles on Neck

We often think of reducing facial wrinkles, but we seldom think of reducing wrinkles on neck. Neck wrinkles are also caused due to aging process. Neck wrinkles should also be treated with the same level as the face wrinkles.

If the wrinkles on neck are ignored, they can increase the appearance of aging in your skin. Loss of elastin in the skin leads to wrinkles in the neck region. There are several things to try to reduce the wrinkles in neck region, which are discussed in this article.

Ways to Reduce Wrinkles in Neck

There are various treatments to reduce the wrinkles on neck ranging from lifestyle changes to undergoing surgery. Some ways are given as follows:

  • Sunscreen

    – Sunscreen should be daily applied in the neck region before going out in the sun. The sun’s rays can prove to be very harmful and can cause wrinkle in the neck region. It should be applied even on the cloudy days and should be of high SPF. If you are going for a longer period in sun, reapply the sunscreen. Also, try to cover your neck with a cloth.

  • Moisturizer

    – Skin hydration is extremely important as dry skin leads to skin wrinkling. The neck region should not be neglected and moisturizer should be applied frequently.

  • Anti-wrinkle cream

    – At night anti-wrinkle cream should be applied in the neck region. Any anti-wrinkle cream formulated for face can be applied in the neck region as the same creases and wrinkles causes face wrinkles.

  • Retin-A creams

    – The topical medication containing Retin-A should be applied as it delays the aging process.

  • Microdermabrasion

    – This treatment uses a small device on neck region to buff away the top skin layer to reveal the new fresh skin. A series of treatments are needed to get the satisfactory results.

  • Water

    – Plenty of water should be taken daily to keep skin fresh and hydrated.

  • Diet

    – A well balanced diet should be taken daily to get regular supply of vitamins and nutrients. These are essential for healthy skin.

  • The chin should always be held up. When you bow your head down towards chest, it will develop more creases and wrinkles in the neck area.

The above are some of the effective ways to combat wrinkles on neck.

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