How to Reduce Wrinkles Under Eyes

Wrinkles are a common problem in aging. These wrinkles can expand and deepen with age and it can develop under eyes too, which are very disturbing. Under eye wrinkles can also appear due to tiredness or due to dehydration. There are various method get relieve from wrinkles under eyes.

Wrinkles appear when the skin loses its elasticity. It can be caused due to dehydration, dryness, tiredness, lack of sleep and healthy diet, and ofcourse due to aging. Some basic tips to reduce wrinkles under eyes are discussed in this article.

Ways to Get Rid of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Some ways to get rid of wrinkles under eyes are as follows:

  • Sleep

    – A good sleep is always required for the overall health of the body. The creases and folds under eyes can also be reduced by taking a proper sleep. Lack of sleep makes you look tired and old. You should always enjoy a eight hours of sleep.

  • Water

    – If you drink less water, it will cause dehydration in the body. Thus, eight glasses of water should be taken daily to maintain the softness and suppleness of the skin. It will also help maintain its youthfulness and reduce the fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Cucumber

    – Cut two slices of cucumber and keep it on your eye lids. It will make you feel relaxed and refreshed. It will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Smoking

    – Smoking is the leading cause of wrinkles. Thus, quitting smoking help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Anti-wrinkle under eye cream

    – At night, anti-wrinkle eye cream should be applied which must contain alpha hydroxy acids, peptides and retinol.

  • Sunscreen

    – Before stepping out in the sun, application of sunscreen with high SPF helps you keep away the wrinkles and fine lines. Sun is the foremost cause of wrinkles. While you are in the sun for long hours, sunscreen should be applied regularly.

  • Moisturizer

    – Skin should be moisturized daily as dryness is also the most important cause of wrinkles. Hence, it should be applied at bedtime daily.

  • Exercise

    – Regular exercise helps you keep healthy. It helps increase the blood circulation in the body. Some facial exercise can help get rid of wrinkles under eyes.

  • Nutritious Diet

    – A healthy nutritious diet keeps those fine lines and wrinkles away. Your skin reflects whatever you eat. Thus, a healthy and nutritious food should be eaten which will make your skin glow with health.

The above are a few methods to reduce wrinkles under eyes.

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