What Causes Facial Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are mainly caused by aging of a person. Sometimes, discovering the first facial wrinkle can be a devastating moment for some people. But, nowadays, there are various solutions to eliminate and prevent its occurrence. Wrinkles can develop on face, neck, arms, chest and stomach.

Facial wrinkles are the most concerned problem for many people. Wrinkles are of two types – Dynamic and Static. Dynamic wrinkles are present in the underlying muscles which contracts and result in folding of the skin and is more prominent in the mature skin. Botox is a treatment for dynamic wrinkles which paralyzes the underlying muscles and prevents skin wrinkling.

Static wrinkles are found even when there is no contraction in the facial muscles. Static wrinkles occurs due to loss of elastin and collagen. These are important constituents of skin integrity. When these components are lost, wrinkles appear.

Facial Wrinkles Causes

  • Thinning of skin

    – Skin loses the tendency to regenerate the new cells in skin and sheds the old one. It causes thinning of skin’s surface and also develop less tendency to absorb nutrients. Thus, cells become less efficient. This type of skin also produces free radicals, which leads to further damage of the skin cells.

  • Lack of nutrition

    – When a person is deficient in nutrition, it leads to reduced collagen production. As collagen maintains the skin integrity, its deficiency makes the skin saggy, loose and wrinkled.

  • Loss of elastin

    – Elastin maintains the skin elasticity. It allows skin to bounce back in its place when its is stretched. Majority of elastin is lost due to sun exposure. When elastin is not present, it will lead to static wrinkle.

  • Dryness of the skin

    – Skin dryness leads to wrinkle facial wrinkle. Thus, skin should be properly hydrated. Lots of water should be taken and skin should be moisturized properly.

Thus, the above are a few reasons for development of facial wrinkles.

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