How to Keep Wrinkle Free Skin

Everyone vies for a wrinkle free skin. Wrinkles are caused due to various factors. Our skin will remain better longer when we take proper care of it. There are various products for wrinkle treatment available in the market. Some cosmetic surgeries for face upliftment are also there to treat wrinkles. But, before one goes for the above described cure, one can go for treatment of wrinkles in a natural way. Some natural treatments for a wrinkle free skin are discussed in this article.

Ways to Keep Wrinkle Free Skin

Some important ways to have a wrinkle free skin are as follows:

  • Water

    – The most important way to get a wrinkle free skin is to drink plenty of water. It makes the skin hydrated. Dryness of the skin leads to wrinkles. Thus, excess water should be taken. Fresh fruit juices and green tea also work great for the skin. These help provide vitamins to the epidermis of the skin. Coffee and alcohol should be taken in moderate amounts as they burn the body’s water content. Alcohol decreases the collagen content around the eyes and leads to wrinkles around eyes and makes it swollen.

  • Berries and Grapes

    – These fruits are rich in anti-oxidants with plenty of minerals and vitamins for the skin. As these fruits are rich source of vitamin C, they help fight damage from the free radicals and also help provide strength to the collagen. At least 2 servings of organically grown berries and grapes should be taken per day. Pomegranate and red grape juices are also the best for skin.

  • Sun screen

    – Avoid going out in the sun and if going out, you should not forget to apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts. Sun rays are as bad as smoking for skin’s collagen. Sun rays destroy the collagen of the skin, makes it dull and loses its firmness. A good quality of skin moisturizer should also be applied to prevent skin dryness and make it look good.

  • Sleep

    – A good sleep help saves the damaged skin. It makes up for the damage done to the skin throughout the day by many factors such as pollution, stress ans sun rays. Hence, it is very important for a person to sleep eight hours a day.

  • Stress

    – Lifeless and dull skin can also be caused due to continuous unhappiness and stressed period. Hence, it is necessary to avoid these unwanted things to have a great skin by listening to music, meeting friends and some meditation can also help.

The above are some of the natural ways to maintain a wrinkle free skin.

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