Collagen for Wrinkles

Collagen is a natural protein in the body which makes up 25% of the body. It mostly composed of amino acids. It is found in the skin, bones, cartilage and tendons. The function of collagen in the body is to maintain the strength and elasticity of the skin. As the age progresses, the collagen in the skin starts reducing and leads to saggy, droopy and wrinkled skin.

There are no natural sources of collagen but collagen supplement can help improve the aging condition of skin. Intake of vitamin C also enhances collagen production. When there is deficiency of vitamin C, the collagen production ceases.

The Relation between Skin Wrinkles and Collagen

  • Elastin and collagen are responsible for elasticity and resilience of the skin.
  • Due to the presence of collagen in the skin, stretching in the skin occurs and it also reverts back to its position.
  • When we age, the skin loses its moisture content and elasticity.
  • Collagen production becomes slow and thus wrinkles appear in the face.
  • Due to sagging of the skin, expression lines become more prominent and later on they become becomes wrinkles.
  • The skin sags as it has lost its flexibility and resilience and the older we become, deeper the wrinkles.

Collagen Treatments for Skin

Reduced collagen levels in the body can be treated by the following methods:

  • Collagen Injections

    – To add volume to the lips and fill the wrinkles, people go for collagen injections or derived injections. The injections are FDA approved and are derived from cow (bovine). An allergy test in necessary and then it is injected into the skin. A little discomfort is felt and injected area can become red, tender or swollen, which will subside in a few hours. The injections are considered to be safe. Some side effects can include – skin infections and allergic reactions. The results are only for short term and can last up to 3 to 6 months.

  • Collagen Facials

    – These facials makes use of products which contain collagen to plum the skin. These facials help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also provides elasticity to the skin. Collagen facials make use of electrode or laser treatment, which is then followed by collagen containing product application. The collagen products are used in massage and mask form.

  • Collagen production in the body can be enhanced by less sun exposure, reducing stress level, eating healthy diets containing balanced diet and vitamin C rich fruits.

The collagen containing cream does not have much effect on the natural content of collagen of the skin. It will only help in keeping the skin supple and hydrated. It will work only on the skin’s surface. Skin exfoliation should be done prior to collagen based cream application, which helps the skin to absorb more collagen.

The above ways helps to minimize the rate the collagen breakdown with age and to help you look more younger with less wrinkles.

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