Does Stress Cause Wrinkles?

Stress causes a very bad impact on the body. It can have an impact on the mental state of a person and also affect the physical health of a person. One of the worst problems of stress is the appearance of wrinkles.

Along with stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, exposure to sunlight, anxiety, nervousness, dehydration and pollution are other reasons for wrinkles appearance. To know about how stress affects health and cause wrinkles, read on for detail in this article.

Stress and Wrinkles

Stress leads to wrinkles in the following ways –

  • Stress causes weakened immunity of the body, a weak heart, skin, nerves and our sleep patterns. These factors result into nervousness, anxiety, mental disorders and other poor skin conditions.
  • Hormonal changes

    – Stress leads to some hormonal changes in the body. This condition produces some chemicals in the body with which the skin reacts and leads to wrinkles. The skin also responds to the stress in the body and this shows up on the skin in the form of wrinkles.

  • Cellular changes

    – Stress accelerates the cellular aging and causes appearance of premature wrinkles. Cellular aging causes loss of suppleness and elasticity in the skin. These conditions leads to wrinkles.

  • Physical changes

    – Stress leads to weight reduction and illnesses. Both of these conditions leads to wrinkles appearance.

  • Loss of sleep

    -Stress leads to anxiety and loss of sleep. These conditions lead to poor skin conditions and causes wrinkles formation.

Thus, stress should be completely avoided to get a beautiful skin without wrinkles and fine lines. Some methods to calm your mind should be adopted like meditation, listening to soft music, taking a bubble bath, reading a book and eating a healthy diet. These methods will relieve stress and you will feel younger without wrinkles and creases.

According to some people, taking alcohol, smoking and drugs can help relieve stress. But in reality, stress exacerbate this problem instead of relieving you from stress. Wrinkles will develop well over time, but stress can accelerate their appearance. So, stress should be avoided.

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