Anti Wrinkle Face Massage

Wrinkles appearance on the skin is a natural process. You do not have to pay huge sums of money to enliven your complexion, condition, tone your skin, release toxins, break down fatty deposits, reduce wrinkles and get smooth skin. You just have to be aware of how to do some things to achieve a great skin at home by doing anti wrinkle face massage.

Anti wrinkle face massages are so simple that you can even perform them at home. These are all natural and non-toxic techniques. These techniques will leave you feeling wonderful. To get an astonishingly beautiful skin, read on for some more information in this article.

Basic Techniques for Anti-Wrinkle Face Massage

Some natural lotions or oils can be used to facilitate the finger movements on your skin. Olive oil can be a wonderful choice. Before massaging, clean your hands and dampen your face. Pull your hair back and keep a bowl of oil or lotion at hand. The following are the 3 simple basic techniques of facial massage to get a wrinkle free skin:

  • Tips of index, middle and ring fingers should be used for exerting a deep pressure in circular movements. There should be sensation of feeling of skin rubbing against the tiny muscles of the face. Fingers should be lifted and repositioned across the skin.
  • Flat pads of the middle, index and ring fingers should be used together or thumb skin can be used to travel across the skin. The movement should be slowly sliding upward, downward or in a slow circular action. Rest of the hand should be lightly placed on the face.
  • The last technique is pinching. Use your thumb and finger lightly with enough strength to cause skin stimulation for blood circulation and a slight change in skin color. Pinch lightly on the eye brows and upper face as it can cause skin bruising. Pinch a little heavily on the jaw areas.

Basic Massage

  • The above techniques should be followed for oil massaging on the face.
  • Start from the chin and travel along the jaw.
  • Then move from jaw to upwards to the temple area.
  • Technique 2 should be used on nostrils side and then move to cheek bones and then to the ears.
  • Place the middle finger tips on the inner corners of the eyes and then slide your fingers upwards and then outwards, above the eye brows.
  • For forehead massage, use technique 2. Start from above the nose region and move upward towards the hairline and outwards to the temple.
  • Place finger tips of all 3 fingers at the base of frown line area above the nose and slide them to the temple area.
  • Firmly massage your scalp like you are shampooing and start from the temple and go towards the skull base.
  • Massage your throat to the neck’s nape in a spiraling manner of technique 2.
  • Place your hands on both sides of the nose with palms down and fingertips should be above the eyebrows. Applying firm pressure, slide your hands towards the ears.
  • Now, end with the same method in step 1.

These are a few basic techniques of anti wrinkle face massage.

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