Top 5 Ways to Help your Skin Age Beautifully

Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful and wrinkle free skin? Wrinkle prevention is considered to be a big issue because the skin needs extra treatment. Wrinkles are a natural process of aging, which can also appear due to some bad lifestyle habits like smoking, alcohol, stress, drugs, sun exposure and lack of nutrients. The top 5 ways to help your skin age beautifully and prevent wrinkles are discussed in this article.

Ways to Help Your Skin Age Beautifully

The following are some of the ways to help you skin age beautifully:

Diet –

  • Foods which speed up aging should be avoided like fattening, salty and spicy foods, alcohol and caffeinated drinks etc.
  • Vegetables and fruits should be taken in larger proportions.
  • Alcohol dehydrates your body and gives a flushed appearance, thus to have a wrinkle free beautiful skin, avoid alcohol consumption.

Smoking –

  • Active smoker’s skin is highly affected and more prone to wrinkles, but a passive smoker’s skin is also not untouched. Even if you are a passive smoker, the chemicals in the cigarettes get absorbed by the skin and accelerate the aging process.
  • Smoking withdraws vitamin C from the skin, which makes it dull and unattractive.
  • Hence, smoking should be completely prohibited.

Sun exposure –

  • Exposure to long hours in the sun is the second most important cause of wrinkles.
  • Going out in the sun without sunscreen and sunglasses can make your skin age quickly and render it lifeless, leathery and dull.
  • It is thus, advisable to wear sunglasses when moving out and also apply sunscreen with SPF 15 to 30.
  • Cover your head with a soft cotton cloth or wear a hat to protect yourself from direct light.
  • Sunscreen should also be worn in winter and rainy seasons.

Lethargic lifestyle –

  • Lethargic lifestyle should be abandoned and some exercises should be done daily.
  • Daily exercise helps improve the blood circulation and maintains muscle tone.

Stress –

  • Stress can destroy our body in both ways – physically and mentally.
  • Stress should be controlled by some relaxation techniques.
  • Meditation, exercise and yoga are some of the simple ways to manage stress.
  • Taking long deep breaths also helps to relax and keeps you smiling always.

The above mentioned are a few ways to help your skin age beautifully.

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