Facts About Wrinkles Cream that Companies Don't Want You to Know

Everyone has to face wrinkles when they age. Wrinkles problem is more concerned with women as they do not want them to appear on their faces. People spend thousands of dollars on anti-wrinkle products, but to no avail. Various cosmetic manufacturers bring a whole range of shady practices to lure customers to buy their products and come again for more. There are some unethical aspects of these creams which are discussed in this article.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream Facts

Some of the things which anti-wrinkle cream manufacturers claim to make your skin wrinkle free are as follows:

  • Water scam

    – Water is an inexpensive filler available in anti-wrinkle creams, lotions and other anti-aging products. Some products say “water or aqua”. You must stay away from such labels, as these would not help wrinkles a bit.

  • Label scams

    – Various anti-wrinkle products manufacturers dance around some scientific terms such as “pro-collagen”. People will think – “Oh! What a scientific product this is, it must be good and will give good and healthy skin”. But, the reality is that when the skin produces its own collagen, that is the only useful collagen in wrinkles disappearance. Applying collagen from outside over the wrinkles does not help.

The products with labels such as organic, natural and botanical also seem to be alluring to the customers. Some botanical extracts like Ginkgo biloba, green tea extract, fruit acids and Aloe vera are proven to increase skin smoothness and reduce skin irritation. In fact the most toxic and allergenic substances are derived from plants. If you are purchasing some products which are rich in natural ingredients, buy from the respected larger manufacturers.

The most simple way to get a wrinkle free skin is to use a sunscreen which contains Avobenzone, avoid smoking, alcohol, take good sleep, exercise regularly, take plenty of water, reduce saturated fats, eat large amounts of fruits, vegetables, avoid simple carb diets and use good quality skin care products.

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