What is a Microcurrent Face Lift?

When you are scared of going under a knife to rejuvenate your aging skin, then you can go for microcurrent face lift techniques. This microcurrent face lift techniques work by application of gentle electric stimulation to the skin surface. This is done by using dual prongs, which is applied to different parts of the face. This treatment is not at all painful, but can be slightly tingling. This is found to be a relaxing technique by some people, that they even sleep while undergoing this treatment. It is a non-surgical and effective technique.

Microcurrent face lift is used to treat various aging problems. Fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin damage by sun. This treatment gives the skin a healthy appearance. Thus, it is the safer method as compared to other techniques used to cure aging problems. The article discusses about various ways on which a microcurrent face lift technique work, its advantages and reviews for this therapy.

How Microcurrent Face Lift Works

  • A microcurrent face life technique works on the principle of stimulation of mild current, which helps enhance the production of natural chemicals in the skin.
  • Microcurrent procedure also help stimulate the production of amino acids, which is said to be necessary in rejuvenation and repair of skin cells.
  • This process is soothing and relaxing, hence, it is so popular, though some people may assume it to be painful.

Some studies reveal that the collagen level in the skin was increased by 14%, blood circulation by 38% and elastin by 48% by microcurrent techniques. People who underwent this treatment fine themselves refreshed, their energy levels increased and they could sleep better with less body pains. Thus, this process not only benefits skin but also benefits the whole body.

Microcurrent therapy was first used by patients with facial palsy and then later on, it was used for people with aging skin, which showed improvement in them. Thus, this procedure is preferred over other surgical methods for skin treatment. This process helps improve the overall health of the skin including the muscle tone. Microcurrent technique helps reduce the effects of puffiness, under eye bags and also lets age spots to vanish, which gives a glowing youthful skin.

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