Wrinkles between Eyebrows – Tips and Tricks

Think about how fake your smile looks when there is a frown on your forehead! If wrinkles on your face are a matter of embarrassment, then

wrinkles between eyebrows

will give your face a perpetual frowning look. And you are not one of those women who would spend dollars and dollars on botox injections and laser treatments. But, what about that tad little bit of vanity at the back of your head asking you to look just a wee little bit better? Here are a few tips and tricks to get rid of those frowny wrinkles between your eyebrows.

  • Relax

    This is probably something that everyone you know tells you every time you have that tensed look on your face. When you are concentrating hard, or angry, or sad, you tend to contract your facial muscles. This contracting of muscles for prolonged periods of time can get those expressions permanently etched on your face. So, just breathe, and relax.

  • Mind Your Expressions

    Yes, mind your expressions. You might be thinking, worrying or just sitting there, but, you might not notice what kind of expression you are wearing all the time. Sometimes, we get so used to having a certain expression on our faces that we almost forget that we have it. Keep checking yourself now and then, and relax your facial muscles to a peaceful state.

  • The Happy Surprise Exercise

    Remember how your eyebrows would go up in surprise when some one gives you a gift that you have always wanted? How it made you happy and gave a cheerful glow on your face? Try it again now, and every time your find yourself wearing an angry or sulky expression to get rid of

    wrinkles between eyebrows


  • Massage

    A good massage can be a real reliever. Use your fingers lightly to massage around your eyes starting from the bridge of your nose, the space between your eyebrows, along the eyebrows, and along the bone below your eye sockets, and back to the bridge of your nose. Repeat it at least 10 times. You can also use any essential oil that you like for this.

  • A Little Bit of Tape

    Now, this is an interesting trick that many women use. Take a little strip of tape, look in the mirror and put on a peaceful expression so that you are not frowning, stick it between the eyebrows, and smoothen it out. You can do this every night while you are sleeping or when you are at home.

These tips and tricks to get rid of

wrinkles between eyebrows

will start doing wonders the moment you try them. They won’t just help you with the wrinkles, but, when you change the expression on your face deliberately and mean it, you will also feel a change in your mood.

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