5 Reasons for Wrinkles around the Mouth

Wrinkles around the mouth

also known as perioral wrinkles can be a cause of distress in many women. The wrinkles appear around the mouth, and make you look much older than you actually are. It is important to understand the reasons behind the appearance of wrinkles if we want to control them and get rid of them. Here are 5 reasons why wrinkles appear around the mouth.

  1. Smoking is a very strong cause for

    wrinkles around the mouth

    . Exposure to the constant heat produced while smoking dries up your lips and the skin around it. Dried up skin is prone to wrinkling earlier than healthy well moisturised skin.

  2. Too much of sun damages your skin. The ultraviolet radiations in sun’s light, when exposed for too long a time, penetrates deep into your skin. This dries up your skin, making it look lifeless and damaged.
  3. When amount of protein and fat below the layer of your skin decreases, the skin that was already stretched will become wrinkled. This happens when you have less than enough protein and good fats intake.
  4. It was proved that women are more prone to wrinkles around the mouth than men. This is because, women have less number of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. Which is why they wrinkle around mouth earlier than men.
  5. As you age, the collagen and elastin in your body decreases. This results in the skin getting all saggy and wrinkly. So, is the case with the skin around your mouth. With decrease in the protein and fat that fills up under your skin around your mouth makes your lips look thin and wrinkled.

There are many ways to treat

wrinkles around the mouth

. Massages, protein and omega fatty acids rich foods, other artificial options like botox or collagen injections, and surgical options like laser skin resurfacing, chemical abrasion etc.

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