Perioral Wrinkles and Treatments

Though the reasons behind

perioral wrinkles

or wrinkles around the mouth are many, the fact that they sap that youthful exuberance off your face and make you look old is almost unacceptable. Which is why many women opt to get their wrinkles treated. There are four main types of procedures that are followed to treat wrinkles. The first one focuses on filling protein under the skin, while the others focus on regenerating the skin by removing the wrinkled upper layer. Here are those medical or surgical ways to treat

perioral wrinkles


  • Injections

    One of the main reasons for wrinkles is ageing. When you start ageing, you will lose proteins such as collagen and elastin which are present under the skin. The loss of these proteins is what makes the skin wrinkled. A simple process of erasing wrinkles is by injecting these proteins artificially into your skin. Apart from collagen and elastin, substances like botox and restylene are also injected to remove wrinkles.
    This type of wrinkle treatment provides almost instant recovery. The effect is temporary and you will be required to get the injections after your skin becomes wrinkly again. However, it is important to consider the side effects before considering to get these injections.

  • Chemical Peels

    Chemical peels are chemical substances that are applied on the skin to remove wrinkles around the mouth. Chemicals such as glycolic acid, or phenol are applied on the skin in a controlled manner so that the outer layer of the skin is peeled off. This lets the inner layer of the skin to grow afresh with no trace of old wrinkled skin. The skin will be red for some time after the treatment and you will be advised not to go out in the sun for a specified period of time.

  • Microdermabrasion

    Microdermabrasion works in a similar way as that of chemical peel. It aims to remove the outer layers of your skin by colliding very minute particles of aluminium oxide on the area to be treated.

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

    Laser skin resurfacing is another treatment for wrinkles with long term results. This includes removing the affected upper layers of the skin to let a better layer of skin grow. Recovery from this procedure takes around a week.

Before deciding on which process to undergo to treat your

perioral wrinkles

, discuss the options, side effects, and recovery with your dermatologist or surgeon. Proceed only when you are sure what you chose is right for you.

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